Surgical Dermatology


Skin biopsies

At times, a biopsy may be performed to aid in the diagnosis of rashes or suspicious skin lesions. Prior to the procedure, the area will be numbed to prevent discomfort. A small piece of skin will e removed and sent to the dermatopathologist for review. Depending on the type of biopsy, the area will look like a brush burn/abrasion or have a small stitch. The doctor will use the information gained from the biopsy to diagnose and treat your skin.

Benign lesion removal

Patients may request removal of benign or “healthy” skin lesions if they are bothersome symptomatically or cosmetically. Examples include skin tag removal and shave removal of benign moles.

Excision of moles, cysts, skin cancers

Excisions are performed in the office to remove an entire lesion. If cancerous or precancerous, a margin of normal skin will also be excised to ensure the entire lesion is removed. Prior to an excision, the area will be cleaned and numbed. The lesion of concerned will be excised and stitches will be placed to close the wound. Patients are awake during the procedure but should not feel any pain or discomfort. The skin removed will be sent to a dermatopathologist to review both the pathology and to evaluate that the margins are clear. Excisions typically heal with a linear scar and every effort is made for an excelled cosmetic results.