Very pleased with Dr. Menon!!!!”


Dr. Menon was so wonderful with my daughter. She took the time to patiently explain everything she was doing as part of the exam. We both left happy!”

– Anna Nolan

Upon visiting [Dr. Menon’s] new office, I was very impressed with it. The staff was very pleasant and accommodating. Thank you!”

What we’d all like is for our doctors to be experts in their fields. To have encyclopedic knowledge of their specialties and possess the greatest of medical skill. If we are fortunate enough to get these qualities in our doctors, it seems almost too much to ask that they also be personable, genuine, funny, and caring.

With Dr. Kavita Menon, you have it all. She lights up the room when she enters, and then proceeds to dazzle with substance. She’s an amazing doctor who never loses her humanity. And when things get tough, she’s a straight shooter you’ll want on your side.
My observations may seem a bit over the top, but this doctor quite literally saved my life. If you visit her, you will see that I was right, and you will be all the better for meeting her.
I’ve also recently had the opportunity to meet… in more of an emergency situation, Dr. Menon’s partner Dr. Virginia Tracey. She blew away all my expectations. She was knowledgeable, professional, and kind. But I would envision no less for Dr. Menon’s partner. Together they will do great things and serve their patients well for years to come.”

– Lawrence Wilson

I had the pleasure of visiting Dr. Tracey for some cosmetic work and my experience was truly exceptional. From the moment we sat down together I felt comfortable and at ease, thanks to her warm and welcoming personality.

Dr. Tracey’s expertise in dermatology shines through in her meticulous approach to cosmetic procedures. She took the time to carefully listen to my concerns and fully understand the desired results I was hoping to achieve. It was evident that she genuinely cared about my satisfaction and well-being throughout the process.

One of the greatest aspects of Dr. Tracey’s work is her commitment to achieving natural-looking results. I had some reservations about undergoing cosmetic procedures, fearing that the outcome might appear artificial or overdone. However, Dr. Tracey’s keen eye and technical precision ensured that the changes were subtle yet effective, leaving me looking refreshed and rejuvenated.

Dr. Tracey’s work far exceeded my expectations. My results were amazing, and the improvements were noticeable to others without appearing unnatural. I was thrilled with the outcome and received numerous compliments, boosting my confidence and self-esteem.”

– Kara, Age 41

Tracey is patient, professional and thorough. Dr. She establishes a welcoming atmosphere at all appointments and explains the steps she is taking during examination and treatment in a way that is comforting and informative. I have the utmost confidence in her as my provider!”

Dr. Tracey has been one of the most educated, empathetic, and helpful providers I have ever been a patient of.  Before seeing Dr. Tracey I had been struggling with hair loss for years and had reached a breaking point. I had seen two other highly recommended doctors, one of which was a dermatologist; neither of which took the time to listen to my concerns, nor examined my scalp. When I sought out Dr. Tracey I knew I was in luck as she took the time to listen to my concerns, medical history, and performed a scalp exam which confirmed a diagnosis of alopecia areata. Although this can be a frightening diagnosis Dr. Tracey provided me hope and support with different avenues of treatment I could pursue as she explained my options and what she recommended. At follow up appointments Dr. Tracey always showed genuine excitement and joy for the success in my treatment. I can’t thank Dr. Tracey enough for the care she gave me throughout the diagnosis and treatment process and the new confidence I have been granted as my hair growth continues. Dr. Tracey has also been most helpful in treating a precancerous lesion as well as administering botox. I have only had great results with Dr. Tracey; I cannot say enough about my positive experiences with her. With the excitement of the opening of her new practice I am looking forward to being under her care again and will without reservation make the two hour drive to seek her exceptional care.”

 Menon has treated me and my family for years. Her attention to detail and diligence helped my father to overcome melanoma quickly- she was able to remove the entire cancer in her office.

I trust her and her partner Dr. Tracey because of their outstanding clinical skills as physicians, not just ‘dermatologists’. Many of their patients are in the medical field themselves and can speak about their stellar care.”

– Annette Grajny, MD, MS

[Dr. Menon provides] exceptionally high-quality care, professional but also personable and reliable. If you have a 3:00pm appointment, the doctor sees you at 3:00pm.”

Dr. Menon is the best doctor hands down! Dr. Menon quickly and efficiently removed a mole for a biopsy. I was scared as heck! But Dr. Menon calmed me down and even made me laugh a couple times while she was removing the mole. I would recommend her for anything! Dr. Menon you rock!

I’ve been to many dermatologists in the area and I feel as if I have found one that know’s what she is talking about. She [Dr. Menon], in my opinion, is the best in the area!”

I’ve been to a few dermatologists in my day and Dr. Menon and her staff are truly the very best.”

Dr. Tracey is amazing. I have a chronic inflammatory skin disease that is very tricky to treat and after several years and several doctors I had almost resigned myself to the pain and life limiting nature of the disease. Dr. Tracey worked with me, thinking out of the box and trying several treatments until we found a plan that worked. I have never met a more caring Dr. Thank you Dr. Tracey!”

[Dr. Tracey performs] very though exam! Very efficient and knowledgeable. Very nice too.

Dr Tracey was very thorough, the best examination I’ve ever had.  I plan to go to her for all my dermatology needs and preventive skin checks. “